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TitleDistinguished Guest Lecture on “Get Set for the Cognitive Computing Era, tap into Design Thinking”

A talk on Cognitive Computing followed by demo of L.U.C.A pattern that powers the Workplace Support services , a design workshop (adapted it for 1.5 hours , select concepts ) on 4 topics : 1. How can you contribute to nations/state’s economy 2. One stop shop for educational needs 3. Selecting the right internship 4. Fear of programming was all that was needed to stimulate Cognitive Computing thinking, Design thinking and the aim to generate impact in the young minds at GSSS Engineering college for Women in Mysore, India.

The BITES team executive director, Sujatha invited the Director of GTS, Sugandha Srikanteswaran, Director, Cognitive Automation Development, GTS Labs to engage the students of GSSS engineering college and get them excited about technology. Sugandha, along with 3 other IBMErs, Ruchira Kamdar, Prathibha C Mohan and Praveena went down to Mysore to deliver the session.

The students were truly very enthusiastic to hear about IBM's cognitive capabilities that Sugandha took them through. The amazing part was that many of them were already aware of Watson and others were very quickly able to understand Cognitive - Thanks to Sugandha's talk and Praveena's demo.

Ruchira and Prathibha then took the team through a mini Design Thinking session - which is all about empathizing with the user and understanding the user's pain point to arrive at the solution. Four groups with problem statements were identified
• How will I be relevant to the growth of Karnataka's economy
• One stop shop for all my education needs
• How to pick an internship
• Fear of Programming

Prior to running the session, the team was a bit apprehensive if the students would be able to relate to some of these high level themes - and came out amazed at the energy and maturity that they brought to the table. As the IBM team orchestrated the pain point identification for the above problem statements, some of the ideas and solutions that emerged for the four statements including " Involves herself in teaching farmers, Online transaction to reduce black money (For problem statement 1) , Practical one stop shop for their knowledge (For problem statement 2) , identify Industry opportunity matches individual interest (For problem statement 3) and Peer mentoring on logical thinking /Programming (For problem statement 4).

The group of 100 engineering girls was able to understand the Design Thinking framework and it was very heartening to see them think through the solutions for their pain points.

The BITES and IBM team came back completely awed by the energy and abilities of the GSSS engineering students.

VenueInstitute of Technology for Women, Mysore
Start Date27-04-2017
Duration1 day