98 Events

    Date Program Title Venue
    07/02/2018 Distinguished Guest Lecture on "Building Universities That Matter" Chancery, Radisson Blu Atria, Bengaluru  
    06/02/2018 Workshop for Technical Support Staff on Professional Communication, Ethics and Team Skills BNMIT, Bangalore  
    01/02/2018 Distinguished Lecture on: Connecting Minds-Class Room to cubicle BMSCE, Bangalore  
    31/01/2018 Workshop on ‘”Communication at Workplace, Professional Ethics and Team Skills” KSIT, Bengaluru  
    27/12/2017 Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning” SJBIT, Bangalore  
    18/12/2017 Workshop on “Pedagogic and Personal Effectiveness - Capacity Building PES University, Bangalore  
    15/12/2017 Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning” Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bangalore  
    25/10/2017 Distinguished Guest Lecture on “Beating Floating Point at its Own Game: Posit Arithmetic” PESIT, South Campus, Bangalore  
    20/09/2017 Guest Lecture on “Graduate Studies in Engineering” RVCE, Bangalore  
    14/09/2017 Guest Lecture on “US Higher Education (SUNY BINGHAMTON)” KSIT, Bengaluru  
    13/09/2017 Workshop on “Design Thinking” PES University, Bangalore  
    02/08/2017 Distinguished Guest Lecture on “Cybersecurity for IoT Applications using Attribute-Based Access Control” PES University, Bangalore