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TitleWorkshop on Professional/Managerial Communication

BNM Institute of Technology organized a workshop on “Professional/Managerial Communication” for 60 students of 4th and 6th semesters of all branches of BNMIT in association with BITES on 9th -10th & 23rd -24th Feb 2018. Resource person for the workshop was Mr. Rakesh Gowdhwani, Adjunct Faculty, IIM Bangalore.
The objective of the workshop was to outline the principles and role of communication in strengthening interaction and hence building confidence in students.
In the morning session Mr. Rakesh highlighted the importance of communication in corporate world by sharing his own experiences. He asked each student to go in front of audience, introduce themselves and tell something unique about them. Then he explained about nervousness, how to overcome anxiety and fight panic.

He explained about how to project confidence while speaking by maintaining a straight body posture, eye contact, smile and speaking with loud and clear voice. He asked the students to repeat the same activity keeping his advice in mind. The students exhibited better confidence the second time. In the afternoon session, He gave an idea of how to structure the speech. Each student was given a topic to speak it in front of everyone. This speech was recorded and played back so that each student could see his short fall & improve on it.

Topics like: “Paperless society is a Myth”, “Should Queen Elizabeth step down?”, “Sudoku, a waste of time” and many more similar topics brought out the speaking ability of the students.
The day ended with a session by assigning an activity to each student to prepare and speak on it for the next day. Each topic consists of their role to play, their target audience, the subject and purpose of the speech.
On 10th Feb, morning session started with the discussion on the activity that was assigned.
Mr. Rakesh showed a video highlighting content and style required in a speech. Content covered central idea, opening, body and conclusion. Style covered confidence, facial expressions, hands, body movements and voice modulation. Each student gave their speech and it was recorded. Then each students recorded speech was played back to see whether the above elements were present or not.

In the afternoon session, students were asked to do a group activity where they choose a product on which they wanted to speak. Each group prepared themselves and developed strategies to convince people to buy their product. Here the student learnt about how to build trust in people and a logic which could change people’s mind so that they would buy the product.
Through this activity, Mr. Rakesh said that this could be applied to their own projects to convince people why their product is the best.
Students gave a good feedback for the sessions. They said it was a good learning experience for them. They shared that more such workshops are welcome & would certainly benefit them.
The workshop was concluded with distribution of certificates to the participants.

FacultyMr. Rakesh Gowdhwani, Adjunct Faculty, IIM Bangalore
VenueBNMIT, Bangalore
Start Date09-02-2018
Duration2 days