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TitleGuest Lecture on “VideoKen-Applying Machine Learning to Support Human Learning”

The speaker Dr. Manish Gupta started the lecture demonstration by stating some implications for learning such as student needs to pick up new skills as machine learning, cloud, mobile, IoT, Learning methodology going through a digital transformation such as classroom learning to online and blended learning and greater emphasis on self- driven learning, Critical need for learning to learn as lifelong learning. There are millions of learning videos freely available today such as Khan Academy, NPTEL, UDACITY, edX, TEDX.

All these videos are overwhelming as they have too much of content, difficulty in personalizing, they are opaque as videos are cumbersome to navigate and hard to peer inside. The student may be interested in clipping interesting parts of public videos and combine them with their own content to create powerful customized video based learning content, quickly share with your peer groups and the larger community, Increase effectiveness of learning, while lowering the costs associated with it.

The speaker demonstrated how VideoKen can overcome the above mentioned shortcoming of the existing videos. VideoKen is a collaborative video based social learning platform that helps align employee skills with business needs by providing easy and effective access to publicly available learning content. VideoKen’s powerful indexing, curation and self-learning capabilities makes learning intuitive, engaging and fun. VideoKen's unique video indexing technology is built on a foundation of cutting edge research – involving big data analytics, machine learning and AI - that has been presented at top international conferences and covered by multiple granted and pending US patents.

Features of the VideoKen learning management platform include Enhanced Video Search, automatically generated Table of Contents using section boundaries or section headings, and Phrase Clouds, ability to take notes and insert bookmarks inside videos, clip, curate and share videos, create course sessions, courses and curriculums complete with quizzes and assignments and support for gamified learning. The analytics dashboard understand each learner's performance and engagement level across various dimensions and can help in devising an appropriate intervention strategies. The Stakeholders students, teachers and Institutions are benefited in various ways. VideoKen provides additional capabilities to improve learning outcomes and can be integrated into an existing learning platform.

FacultyDr. Manish Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, VideoKen and Infosys Foundation Chair Professor, IIIT-B, Bengaluru.
VenueKSIT, Bengaluru
Start Date02-03-2018
Duration1 day