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TitleWorkshop on “Design Thinking”

After a brief welcome address by Prof N Anuradha, Dean, Architecture Department, the workshop started off with participants making caricatures of their immediate neighbors within two minutes. The best caricatures were applauded. After this session, participants were told to form teams of five and were given a team-assignment to build the tallest self-standing tower using balloons and cello-tape only within five minutes. The best team was applauded.

Mr. Giri, the resource person, next stated the problem by asking the participants to design a device in five minutes for dispensing Maddur vada hygienically. Participants quickly sketched probable concepts. The participants were then asked to mutually discuss their design for five minutes among their immediate neighbors and come up with five different concepts in five minutes bearing in mind the preferences and input of their partners. It was emphasized that these concepts need to be out of the box. After five minutes pairs were invited to present their concepts particularly mentioning how the designs met their partner's input and preferences. An interactive session followed where participants were asked to comment on the designs. In this context the importance of making designs for customer's need was emphasized and also the iterative nature of design was brought to the fore. Practical feasibility and economics were discussed. The session broke for high-tea.

The participants were asked to prototype their chosen concept with the material supplied and all were quickly engaged in using the supplies for quickly prototyping their design concept.
The workshop ended with a short presentation from the facilitator/ resource person on five design thinking modes of define, empathy, ideate, prototype and test.

Forty five B.Des students and five B.Des faculty participated in the workshop. Required material was supplied all through the workshop by PES University.

FacultyMr. Giri Prathivadi
Venue PES University, Bangalore
Start Date13-09-2017