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TitleKSHEC Sponsored Workshop on "Smart Governance"

The workshop started with formal registration process and inaugurated with a classical music concert by young musicians.The welcome speech was rendered by Tejashwini V, 6thSem student of Computer Science & Engineering Dept. Prof.H S Jamadagni briefed about bootcamp agenda, aims and expectations. After the tea break the citizen engagement framework in E-governance was explained followed by real world demos and examples.

In the afternoon session Mr.Sagar & team then opened the session by welcoming the participants, asking them to form group of 4 to 5 members. A brief introduction was given on three projects, namely ”Road Quality Monitoring”, ”Power Management” , “Traffic Monitoring” and each of the group were asked to prioritize the three given projects. The groups was sent for data analysis on real time basis at different places, based on the priority, each group was assigned any of the 1 project to analyze and report the next day. Following the presentations and snacks, the training-workshop continued with basic commands of python, pandas and Open CV & the workshop closed for the day.

Day 2 began with python programming with examples commands and the students were given activity based on data analytics like understanding the data, cleaning, visualizing, algorithms and results. Each member formed a group and was instructed to communicate the data analytics results to the entire audience. Students were asked to do data analytics for the data which was collected by them the previous day. Finally after the tea break feedback session was carried out based on improving technology platforms for e-governance, identifying new problems and solutions for it.

Valedictory was given by Bharath Lal A R, lecturer Civil Engg Dept. at 5:30PM.

FacultyProf H S Jamadagni, Former Senior Professor, CEDT, IISc & Team
VenueSJP, Bangalore
Start Date09-03-2018
Duration2 days