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TitleWorkshop on “Practical Approach to Networking Concepts”

Recent years have witnessed revolutionary advances in the speed and scope of packet data based computer communication networks. A practical approach is superior to theoretical approach when learning computer networks. A 2 day workshop was conducted for 40 students of 6th semester. They were motivated to learn computer networking concepts practically with some hands-on session.

The Program was inaugurated by Dr. T. V. Govindaraju, Principal and Dr. Rekha .B. Venkatapur, Prof. HOD, Dept of CSE. On day Dr. Ram P Rustagi and Dr. Neelam Bewana acquainted the students to basic networking tools such as Wireshark and tcpdump as packet analyzer. Followed by Hand-on on usage of some of the tools such as wget, nc, ping and traceroute, HTTP Basics, set up, data transfer and tear down sessions on TCP and UDP protocols were conducted. Second day the partial content delivery, compression topics were discussed. Followed by Hands-on session on Persistent Connections, Cache-control, Hands-on Keepalive, cache, 304, E-tags an Auth.

The resource persons provided vast practical knowledge to the students and they were very enthusiastic throughout the workshop. The workshop gave them the awareness on how really network practically works and made them understand theoretical concept of networking in depth.

FacultyDr. Ram P. Rustagi, MD of Cavisson, Bengaluru
VenueKSIT, Bangalore
Start Date02-04-2018
Duration2 Days